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Moving on up?

Posted on June 11, 2011 at 3:40 PM

I’m not very consistent with my blog, but that’s not news.


I have been accepted to Kent State University for gradschool in speech language pathology! WHOO HOO! I was less than thrilled atfirst. I could only think about what I’d have to leave: my church, friends,family, etc. It took me a few days to get to the happy part. I’m still sadabout what I’m leaving, but my pastor reminded me (more than once) that this isabout additions to my life, not subtractions. I went to KSU undergrad, so I knowthe area, still have good friends there, and a church and pastor that I love. Notto mention the fact that the program at Kent some serious advantages. My primaryinterest is in accent reduction (especially with those learning English as asecond language), and Kent has an English Proficiency Clinic! In addition, theyprovide teletherapy, which fits right in with an idea I have for the field (no,I’m not sharing). How is it even possible that OSU has neither of thoseservices? Oh yeah, they only care about research.


I’ve also been trying to figure out what to do abouthousing. I believe this is where God is calling me, and as Matthias keepsreminding me, where God leads, He provides. I’m not worried, but I can’t justsit here and wait for a house to fall in my lap, so I’m looking at the options andwaiting for God’s leading. A friend is sending me classifieds from Kent, I’vethought about applying to be an RA (yuck on so many levels, but I’d do it), andthe other day, I “happened” to think about renting a house with a roommate (thankyou, Lord). I have one now, so why it wasn’t my first thought has to be fromthe stress of all that has to get done. Anyway, I started looking on craigslistas a place to start. There are some VERY promising leads there. In fact, onelooks so good, I had to email her right away. It’s a house, so I’d have a yard,and no neighbors banging around above or below me. I’d be renting a room andsharing the other space with her. She’s a little older than me, which is great.[I’m pretty sure I’d be locked up for homicide within a month if I have to livewith someone just starting a college career (yes, I said career, so what?).] Theroom would be available sometime in august; how fortuitous. There are a fewother places I’m going to call. Some even have pets, which I would LOVE. The affectionand stress relief without the cost and extra work (except to help).


What about income, you say? Not sure yet. I’m hoping againstall hope (praying) that I can get enough grants, scholarships, whatever to notneed to work. In the event that doesn’t happen, the company I tutor for hasbranches all over the US, so I put in an email on the site that I’d be movingto that area. We’ll see. The money’s good, but with driving, it would reallymake it hard to have time for my classes; not impossible, just REALLY hard. Godwill provide.


Of course, the best part is that Matthias is talking aboutmoving to Kent, so we’d finally be in the same city after 2 ½ years! That wouldbe super. Of course, I’ll be studying a lot, but we’ll be together.

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Reply My tie is on backward
8:17 PM on June 23, 2011 
here for ya, babe.