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Not Quite Paleo

Posted on February 11, 2011 at 3:19 PM

I’m still not sure how to proceed, but I’m learning more. I remain skeptical about some aspects of the paleo, but apparently, I’m not alone. For instance, they say no potatoes, legumes, or grains, but there is quite a bit of evidence that both paleo and modern hunter/gatherer (HG) groups all these things. In fact, a mortar and pestle was discovered at a site that claims to be 30K years old, so they obviously used grains. Many HG groups ate (and eat) various tubers, including potatoes. There is little evidence that they consumed dairy products, so I may be ridding myself of that at some point, but I see no reason to completely avoid grains and legumes. In fact, there are several proponents who are totally fine with all of the above. It really depends on the type of food and what’s been done to it. I do believe we have WAY too much wheat (and other grains) in Standard American Diet (SAD), so I want to start limiting that. The other thing to know is that the wheat we eat now is very different from the wheat of even 100 years ago (wheat then had 7 chromosomes, now it has more than 100!); not to mention that we process it differently. Also, the kind of wheat that was used in Biblical times is called einkorn (emmer wheat is what is used in SAD), which is what is used to make sourdough bread. How interesting that those with celiac disease can eat sourdough with no problem.


I do think the paleo proponents have the right idea, but their focus should be more far-reaching. Modern HG groups also do not suffer from “diseases of affluence,” but they do harvest some grains, eat some dairy, etc. It makes more sense to me (based on what I’m reading) to say that a healthy, Temple Way diet should be mostly plant-based, supplemented by grain, dairy (maybe), and meat. The challenge will be actually carrying through with it!

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Reply monica
11:50 AM on February 12, 2011 
i agree on all things farm market! have you thought about freezing the veggies? or you could do the cook a ton of food once a week/month then freeze servings. as much as i hate cooking, i may have to try that einkorn flour.
Reply marlene
4:12 PM on February 11, 2011 
hardest thing for me and the veggies is getting through them before they all rot in the fridge. i get bored easily with food and have to have recipes in mind before i shop, which i'm too lazy/forgetful to do. i will say, those microwave steam bags of frozen veggies are the simplest thing in the world and make it much easier. i'm also looking into one-pan meal recipes because you really shouldn't have to wash more than one skillet, but there's only so much stir-fry i can eat.

by the by, the farm market sells sprouted wheat flour (einkorn) at pretty darn reasonable prices if you ever get the urge to do some baking. i'm kind of tooting the market's horn a little here, but we also have frozen meats that, while a bit more expensive than the stuff at kroger, seems to be more nutritionally sound. they taste better, at any rate.