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Crochet pain?

Posted on October 15, 2010 at 1:49 PM

I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand in 2002, and will have to do the same on my left sometime in the near future. You can imagine the issues I have to deal with to crochet (and knit). So, I’ve been looking online and in stores for some solutions. I’ve found some great crochet hooks that are ergonomically-minded and some ideas on how to make your current hooks more ergonomic.


Most ergonomic hooks have been reviewed by other bloggers, so I won’t do that here (follow links to read review, if I could find one). Some of the top contenders are as follows (in no particular order):


Eleggant Hooks


Provo Craft Ergonomic Hooks


Addi Comfort Grip Hooks


Reflections Hook Set 



Boye Universal Ergonomic Handle

My current favorite is something I bought at Joann's the other day. I haven't found it anywhere online, but I LOVE it! It has attachments to fit almost any crochet hook, so you can use the ones you have. You can see from the picture that it has little inserts that fit onto the correct size hook. The handle opens so that you can shove the hook into the top and the insert keeps it held firmly. The handle is made of a rubbery plastic, so it's comfy and easy to grip.

It says it fits 2.75mm-6.5 (K), but I was able to get it to fit 1.5mm by using the two smallest adapters together like this:


One thing I’ve noticed is that if you crochet with a pencil-hold instead of a knife-hold, there’s not really anything out there to help you, but I wanted to share a few ideas. You can use the same ergonomic holders that exist for writing utensils! They might be too big to hold smaller hooks, so you’d need to rig something that makes the holder fit. One option to wrap rubber bands around the hook till it reaches the desired thinkness. Another is the comfort grips that already exist for hooks:


They worked for me to make the needle fat enough to fit the pencil holder snugly.

Another idea I saw on a blog was to use old pens to make holders! Check it out. That gives you more options for comfort and style!


There are also ideas that work for both ways of holding hooks. For instance, I read a comment on one blog from a crocheter that uses fimo modeling clay to make her own holder. She puts the clay on the desired hook, holds the clay on the hook as she would when working, takes off the clay and fires it in that shape. Voilá! Custom-made ergonomic crochet hook holder! I also thought that using rubber balls might work. Really, anything that can be fashioned onto a hook in a comfortable grip should work. I’d love to hear any ideas.

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Reply Matthas
3:22 PM on October 18, 2010 
The reflections hooks look like toothbrushes. Do you think I could knit with a toothbrush? Or what about taping the hook to my cat's head? Are cats ergonomicallyable?