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Life Changes Galore

Posted on July 1, 2013 at 9:10 PM

Well, my life path is changing once again. I'm finishing the MA in Speech Language Pathology without the clinical component. This means I'll have the degree but can't practice. Why, you ask? Well, having the Masters still shows that I have the knowledge and can complete Masters level work. This might help me trying to get into another plan. I'm looking into counseling/life coaching. Anyone who knows me will say, "Well, duh." Yeah, I know. What can I say, I'm stubborn.


At the same all of this has been happening, Matthias and I decided not to have contact for the time being. The idea is to give is time and room to move on. I believe it was the right thing to do, but that doesn't stop the tears from flowing at times. He's an amazing man and a great friend. I hope we can be friends in the future.


I have been majorly neglecting this blog since grad school started. Now that I'm not doing as much, I'd like to return to some of my other interests, such as this website, my photography, crochet, making jewelry, etc. I'm in the process of finding a full time job so I'm not so broke all the time. If I can get one, I might be able to save enough money to go to Disney with my friend and her kids. I would LOVE that so much. Those kids are really great.



Hopefully, this is the first of many blogs. I will do my best to keep up and stay interesting.

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