Walking the Temple

Posted on September 8, 2009 at 12:32 PM

I still haven't had a coke, or even a craving for almost a week now, so that's awesome! I?m doing pretty well about staying away from sugar in general, HFCS and artificial in particular. I?m not sure how much of this is the new med or God, but either way I?m glad. I?m looking into getting better tennis shoes so I can walk more, too. I have VERY flat feet, so I can't just get any old shoe. I?m starting with inserts for arch supports, and that may be enough. I?ve also started wearing my pedometer again, though I?m not walking much yet. My friend said she'd go to a park with me to walk, so that'll be cool, too. It feels good to be starting these things; like we're really trying to do the best for the Temple, you know?


I have also noticed that all the changes I'm making used to be so overwhelming, I got no farther than wanting to make them. Now, I'm just doing it; not agonizing, not paralyzed by over-analysis, just action. I have to assume that the difference is mostly due to the neurofeedback. YAY!!

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