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More Journals

Posted on February 2, 2011 at 10:07 PM Comments comments (1)

I have done two journals using the coptic method, which I really like. See below.

This first one is my fave so far, mostly because I love the paper design so much. I'm also please that I was able to get pages lined.

I'm also please that I was able to get pages lined, and had a nice paper for the inside cover that compliments the outside.

I also had to include a little design on the pages themselves.

This is my third journal and second coptic; it will be a gift for my friend Angie. It's blank on the inside, so she can use it as a sketchbook if she wants. This time, I used a different pattern on the front and back because I didn't have enough of one or the other.

Bookbinding Bind

Posted on February 1, 2011 at 5:39 PM Comments comments (3)

I had an idea for a book I wanted to put together as gifts and thought it would be nice to make my own. I’ve found a remarkable amount of information and various ways online regarding how to do this. I made my first hardcover journal last night (pictures below). I’m not satisfied with the results (yes, I’m a bit of a perfectionist), but they’re not bad for the first time. I’m planning on using a few different methods to figure out which is best for me. Of course, the purpose of the book or its intende drecipient may determine the best method. For instance, for a recipe book, spiral might be best so it can lie flat, but a writing journal may be better with binding. There are many tools out there to make things easier, but since I have no money, I may have to use less-sophisticated methods to do some things. I’m not sure how to have lined pages unless I just print them, but that seems pretty tedious; it’s certainly doable, though. Like any new project, I’m excited and wanting to do everything at once. Also like a new project, the enthusiasm will last for so long, then I’ll move on to something else till I cycle back. (A cycle is usually 4-6 months at a time.) I'm excited to see where this leads.



Harry Potter

Posted on April 1, 2008 at 5:11 PM Comments comments (1)

If you don't already know, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I know entirely too much about the series. I'm sure there are more obsessed fans out there, but I can only speak for myself. I'm am way too old too be this into a Juvenile (loosely) Fiction series. I started to ask myself why. Especially as a Christian with all of the problems Christians seem to have with it. Obviously I don't have those issues, and I don't think any of my friends, do either. Nevertheless, I wondered why I love them so much. First of all, any time Good triumphs over Evil, I'm happy. Second, I read fiction as an escape from the real world. What's more outside the real world than Harry Potter? Third, Rowling has an incredible way of making you care about the characters and what happens to them. You're invested in their lives (I don't mean in an unhealthy way-at leas not for me). Lastly, she's just a really good writer. I'm impressed with the kind of vocabulary she uses, too. I'm a fairly articulate 33-year-old, and I didn't know all the words. Despite this, she has millions of children reading huge novels. That's a feat in and of itself. I love the series and think I always will.