Peaceful Day

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Today was so beautiful. Before my newest meds, I wouldn't be able to enjoy it (one of the side affects seems to be that I'm not a furnace anymore). I would have gotten sick from the heat. This time, I went out to our porch, layed down, read a book, then fell asleep. The wind was pretty strong (my friends call our place the "wind tunnel"), so it even rocked the swing a little while it kept up a nice breeze. Lulu (our kitten) snuggled up to me on the pillow, too. It was just very peaceful and restful.

My cousin Mia's blog today

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Words to the wise....just wish I was wiser....

"It's better to lose an argument and win a relationship than to win an argument and lose a friend"...

I wish someone would have explained this little gem to me. It would have saved me so much heart ache and pain. No one ever intends to start an argument, but  things just get out of control and grow a mind of their own. Sometimes, my desire to make things right turns into my desire to BE right and at that moment, even the best intentions become a futile effort to correct  problem and more of an opportunity to prove Im right...again.

So now that I have had my "Ah ha!" do I say I'm sorry? How do I make this right? Can I make it right...or will this be the time that I am proven wrong.....

My Pet Monkey

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I have wanted to have a monkey as a pet since I was nine. Yes, I first got the bug because I found out Michael Jackson had Bubbles, but it's not because of him. I've always loved monkeys; that just made me think, "If he can have one, so can I!" Every once in a while, I look into it more deeply to know what I'll be getting myself into. It's not something to be done lightly. All the websites say "DON'T DO IT!", but after reading all of the warning, I still want one and am willing to deal with the negatives. What are they you ask?




v       It's a long term commitment. A well cared for monkey can live anywhere from 20-40 years, and needs your full commitment throughout their lives.


Ø      I'm ok with this.


v       Monkeys may not take well to new people in your life (including spouses and children), and make it hard to get away for vacations.


Ø      What spouse, children, or vacation? No, really, that's one of many reasons I haven't done it yet.


v       They are expensive to house and feed, and some require specialized diets that can be time consuming to prepare.


Ø      I plan on doing TONS of research on diet, habitat, etc. I won't be getting one till I can provide a more than appropriate enclosure both indoor and out. I will talk to vets, zoo keepers, etc. to find proper nutrition and the like.


v       If legal, permits may be required, and sometimes permit holders are subject to inspection for proper facilities and care.


Ø      There are no laws in OH pertaining to owning monkeys. Federally, it's against the law for any primate over 30lbs. to be a pet.


v       A wide range of diseases can be passed from monkeys to humans and vise versa.


Ø      This is one area of concern. More research will be needed


v       The sweet dependent baby monkey will eventually grow up, and become the wild animal it was meant to be.


Ø      If that becomes an issue, the enclosures will be their permanent home.


v       Monkeys are messy. They can't really be effectively toilet trained (many younger monkeys can be diapered or at least partly toilet trained, but that is often lost at maturity) and sometimes engage in distasteful activities involving their feces and urine.


Ø      Comes with the territory. However, I do know that male monkeys are more likely to do these things (along with scratching and biting) during the menstrual cycle of any female primates (including human) around them.


v       Monkeys need a large secure enclosure and should spend time outdoors too if possible. They must be provided with a wide variety of ever changing toys and exercise equipment to keep them challenged and stimulated, or they will suffer from boredom.


Ø      I will have researched how to keep them entertained, occupied, engaged, and most of all happy. That may even mean having two monkeys together.


v       Monkeys only bond with one human; others could get bitten, etc.


Ø      Easy, don't have the monkey running around with guests there. Many of the stories I read about bites & attacks were when the monkey got out of its cage or the owner had them out in public or around guests. Duh. They aren't for show, and they're smart. I wouldn't go out in public with them and the enclosures would be locked with keys. Not an issue.


As you see, I have really thought this out. I know that I don't have the money for this now. I won't attempt it till I have a home, lots of land and plenty of excess funds. So, not in the near future. If I never have all of those things in order, I will not have monkey as a pet. I wouldn't do that to the monkey or myself.
























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Today is such a long day. I signed up to work 12 hours. I need the money because I missed quite a few days while I didn't have a car. I also worked 12 hours on Thursday and will do the same Monday. I might be a little crazy by the end of Monday, but my next paycheck will be very nice.

The problem is that 12 hours is a LONG time. My job is answering questions on a national hotline, but we don't have calls every minute. I brought things to do between calls, but you need breaks even when you're doing something you like. Maybe I should bring more variety for the next 12 hour shift.