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I just started really writing the year before last because of a challenge. For National Novel Writing Month, the challenge is to write at lease 50K words ONLY between November 1 and November 30. Angie got some of us at work to try. Ciellia was my first attempt. I didn't reach the goal last year or this year, but I really liked writing. I want to finish both books. I'm really excited about the two stories and want to finish them someday soon. I plan on making them into books even if it's at Kinko's and just one copy for me. I will be sending them to publishers, but the success for me will be finishing, not whether or not they're actually published. So far, both story ideas have been inspired by dreams I had. No one who knows me will be surprised by that. My dream life has always been very rich, detailed, and complicated. Of course, it would yield strange and interesting stories, even if they’re only interesting to me.

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