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Victoza Hope?

Posted on June 19, 2010 at 12:02 PM

My awesome endocrinologist is trying a different injection medicine on me called Victoza. I'm wary of having too much hope, but I think my clothes are a tiny bit looser than they were. :) I’ll be very upset if this doesn’t work either. She said the next step would be an off-label use of another diabetic med, which means insurance may not cover it or not all of it. That means I couldn’t take it. I can barely afford all the crap I’m taking now! So, I’m just going to pray that this works! In addition, I’m trying to get information from my cousin Josh (Head Trainer) about how I can start exercising. I want to start walking, but I’m still having issues with my feet. I CAN start working on yoga and Pilates. I’d say the main reason I haven’t is that I dislike doing things alone (even grocery shopping), and no one seems to be interested in doing the exercises with me. Oh well.

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