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Life-changing Natural Beauty Tips

Posted on September 4, 2012 at 3:55 PM

I have tried a few new natural beauty tips recently that I am in LOVE with. I wanted to make sure I shared them with anyone who might be interested.

Tumeric Oil : This stuff is amazing! I had some old scars and new wounds. At night, I used a very thin layer on just the areas needing attention. Within 2 or 3 days, there was a remarkably noticeable decrease in their appearance. I was astounded. I have to warn you that this stuff will stain any fabric yellow (and skin till it's thoroughly washed). That's why I used it at night and made sure not to sleep on my stomach. If you know you'll end up there, I'd recommend covering the areas with a bandaid or something to protect your linens. I haven't had the occasion to try it on pimples yet (I hardly get any now that I've decreased wheat intake and stopped using soap/shampoo), but I will assume that it will do wonders on them, too. You should be able to purchase it in a health food store. If not, don't forget the web.

Cornstarch & Milk of Magnesia: Ok, these blew my mind like you would not believe. I have extremely oily skin. I mean, I'm shiny within 20 minutes of washing my face in the morning. I will say it has improved a little since eschewing soap, but it's still bad news bears. You can imagine the kind of havoc that wreaks on makeup. (Yes, I've tried mineral makeup. I like it, but I want fuller coverage and I don't like the mess.) By lunch, I look like I'm wearing a brown/yellow oily mask. NOT attractive.

First tip: use milk of magnesia under you foundation. What?! I tried it. It really works. You can put it all over or just on the problem areas. It's easier to apply if you put it in a smaller squeeze bottle or something. You can use cotton balls, your fingers, or whatever you're most comfortable with. If you use primer (I always do for special occasions or nights out on the town - as if I get those), you apply the MOM under that. Seriously, NO SHINE ALL DAY.

Second tip (my fave from the last TEN YEARS): Use cornstarch to set your makeup. No joke. This changed my life. First of all, many of the more expensive setting powders are similar to cornstarch or are exactly cornstarch. Second, when it's not cornstarch, it's most likely some awful chemical that in ten years will be discovered as horribly carcinogenic or something. As with any natural ingredient, you may want to test to make sure you're not allergic. Let me tell you: I used this and very late that night, my make up looked like I had just put it on. I didn't even have that crazy eyeshadow crease mash up. Amazing. It's not necessary, but I dusted the cornstarch under and over the eyeshadow for extra protection. You will NOT believe how amazing this is. 

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