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Pass Me a Shot!

Posted on September 4, 2009 at 9:26 AM

You heard me. Now I’m giving myself shots twice a day. The metformin is working, but not enough, so my endocrinologist (aka, Gift from God) decided to start me on Byetta. It helps your body to produce the right amount of insulin at the right time. Some people have issues with nausea temporarily and bruising at the injection site, but I started it yesterday, and have had no problems so far (knock on wood).


This fits right along with a really nice time I had with a friend from church yesterday (thanks, Mary Anne!). We talked about nutrition and the American “diet” (again, stay tuned for information on the evils of High Fructose Corn Syrup), exercise, etc. We agreed to hold each other accountable to a few things, and I’m very excited about it. First and foremost, I have to make sure I go grocery shopping. I know it sounds silly, but I hate to shop for groceries; however, when I have food at home, I hardly ever eat fast food (which we all know is the slow death of this country, not to mention expensive). We also talked about being fully present when eating. America is always “go, go, go!;” as a result, we inhale food on the way from one thing to another. We don’t give out brains time to catch up with our bodies to tell us we’re satisfied. We just mindlessly shove food in our mouths. Not good. Remember that your body is a temple, and treat it as such.

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