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Soooooooooooo bumbed!

Posted on May 3, 2008 at 10:04 AM

It really sucks to have to be back in the real world after having so much fun. I mentioned before that tons of things happened, so I'll have to address them in installments.

First, I had a super conversation with Zac (guitar) after the Ann Arbor concert. I'd asked him about how he got involved with the Procs. He was telling me about getting started in music in general, too, so I started picking hi brain about what I should to for my singing. What he said was mostly common sense, but sometimes you have to hear it from someone else. I am 33 and have done very little to further any kind of singing career. I believe it's mostly because I wasn't taking my anti-anxiety meds until recently. Before, when I would start to take steps in music, I would be overwhelmed with all these self-imposed, irrational rules in my head. I convinced myself that before I could do anything, I had to be a good songwriter, nail down my style, have a full band, etc. That's ridiculous. I need to just get out there. Zac suggested piano bars, etc. to get more time and experience, then going through classifieds to look for anyone trying to find a singer. I've also had numerous offers for help making demo. I need to really get that done, but it was like a revelation to me that I don't have to do these things in any particular order. I have been ruled by my anxiety for years and didn't even know how far-reaching it was. I'm very excited about how things are going, though.

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