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Proclaimers - Pittsburgh & Cleveland

Posted on May 14, 2008 at 10:15 PM

I said I would tell about our magnificently fun tour trip to see the Proclaimers. I was only going to go to the Pittsburgh concert, but it was so much fun, I frantically called for people to cover my shifts so I could go on the 2nd leg of the trip (Cleveland & Ann Arbor). Because people don?t know them in the States as well as they do in Scotland, they play smaller venues here. In Pittsburgh, we got to hand out with them for over an hour after the concert. Charlie Reid even bought us a round of drinks. They were SOOOOO nice. We told them we?d only been able to buy 2 of the 4 tickets we needed for Ann Arbor before they sold out. They said it wasn?t a problem, and put us on the list to get in free! How cool was that?! Anyway, my friend Heather is ? well? we?ll say persuasive. That night, not only did she get them to get 2 more of us into a sold out concert, but the got them to agree to meet us at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame the day of the Cleveland show (which they did), she got Charlie to give her a 5 pound note that he signed for her daughter and she got them to take all kinds of pix with us. Amazing. We told Zac & Garry John they needed to incorporate more kicks into their repertoire. Charlie and Garry John kept talking about a massage train on the tour bus. We decided not to ask too much about that. All we know is they mentioned Buddy, Tom, and different colored sweater vests. I don't know. We also met Juliana, who is going to every single city on their American tour. Crazy.


Jeremy Fisher's drummer, Isaac Carpenter, was awesome. We tried to tell him how much we loved him after the show, but we're not sure he believed us. He popped back around the corner and said, "You guys were laughing a lot." He just doesn't know us! That was Saturday night to Sunday.



I went to work Monday from 8pm-midnight. Then we left Tuesday morning for Cleveland. We met them at about 1pm at the Hall of Fame. Their opening band is Jeremy Fisher, and we LOVE him now, too. They were there, too. We all walked around for a few hours. Charlie sat and chatted with us while he ate. Eventually, they had to leave for sound checks, etc. and we had to make our 7pm reservation at the House of Blues restaurant. The waiters and the food were incredible there. At one point, Mandy said something about Heather's arm being dry. Not 5 seconds later, one of the waiters flashed by and dropped a small bottle of lotion on the table! We got to be second in line for the concert. There was a mother & daughter right before us, but I couldn't understand them. They stood front and center for the whole concert, didn't smile, move, sing, or clap even once. WEIRD! The Proclaimers dedicated "Letters from America" to "Heather and her gang of Midwest girls." We went nuts, and I vowed they would knot more than just her name. J We didn't stay long after that concert. We talked, etc. but the place didn't let us stay too long and we didn't want to overburden them with our insanity.


See pix here!





Ann Arbor and Chicago in the next installment!

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