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Why NOT frolic in the rain?!

Posted on August 25, 2008 at 12:59 PM

Yesterday, my roommate, Mandy, got really excited when it started to rain. She was dying to lower her "core temperature," and had been waiting for it to rain for awhile. She ran outside, and said, "Come frolic with me!" I'm not usually one for playing in the rain, but I was hot, too. I went out and tentatively stepped off the porch. I thought it too cold all of a sudden. Mandy told me to stop being a wimp. I followed her around the side of our house. Apparently, she does this often and has found all the best frolicking spots. Right off the porch was the first. There's a big spout of water coming down, and she jumped right under it. I followed, and it was NICE!! Then she lead me around the rest of the property to all the other ones she'd found: two behind the barn, two in front. We were soaked and much cooler afterward. I must say, I enjoyed myself.

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