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Posted on October 7, 2008 at 12:24 PM

FLORIDA WAS GORGEOUS! We had so much fun. The weather was perfect, the water was perfect, the kids were perfect (most of the time). It couldn't have been better. Well, Jeff and Lindsay got engaged, so they were pretty nauseating, but I suppose that's understandable. We did minigolf, Shell Island, the beach at the park where we camped (never crowded), a maze (I sat out 'cause I wasn't feeling well - can you believe I got sick the day before we left?!).

Shell Island was one of my favorite things this time. I was in the clearest water I've ever seen and stayed there the whole time. I got to see pelicans dive for fish, which was awesome. If you've never heard of dog flies, consider yourself blessed. They are the size of house flies, swarm like you're a pile of dung, and bite like horse flies. In other words, torture in tiny winged form. Because I was in the water for every minute, I didn't get bit once. I can't say the same for my traveling companions. We had them at the beach in the park one day, too. EVIL! We couldn't stay long. If you're not in the water, you have to have every piece of skin covered if you don't want to be devoured.

Heather will hate this, but one of my favorite parts of every day was listening to her, Mandy and the kids waking up. I was in another tent, and just after waking, but before getting up, I would lay and listen to them. They would wrestle, laugh, play, tell stories & jokes, etc. It was a really uplifting way to start each day.

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